Valves Unlimited Enterprises

About Valves Unlimited Enterprises:

Valves Unlimited started back in 1998, selling basic surplus components, left over from what I had when building Hi-Fi valve amplifiers. This was slightly successful, but as time moved on. Around 2000, my work took more priority, I started messing with networks (well I was a network engineer) and I closed the sales side of valves unlimited, and the site you see now is my personal web site.

Valves Unlimited Enterprises is a holding company for many different solutions. Over the years I learnt many skills, and started many companies, some more successful than others. In 2008 I decided to group them all under one company, that companies name is Valves Unlimited Enterprises. In 2016 I incorporated The brand and separated the electrical parts in to our new company V.U.E Electrical Contractors Ltd

Our services that can be offered from our various group of companies include:

  1. Electrical Contractors - your one stop electrician
  2. Electronic component sales
  3. Website's, design, build, host and maintain.
  4. Computer repairs
  5. Network design, install, and maintain
  6. Data Recovery.
  7. General electronic component sales on Ebay & this site.
  8. CCTV design, build and install.
  9. CCTV supplies.
  10. Vintage electronics restoration / repairs / service

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